Today’s prompt word Qualm, means an uneasy feeling, doubt or fear especially about one’s conduct. I kept thinking hard, as soon as I saw this word, I looked up on google for the definition. Then I remembered the below incident, which by the way both me and my son laugh about every time we come across the place.


 The sky looked heavy and gray, I ask my son if we could take an umbrella and he says, Mom it might not even rain we are any way taking a uber,  to drop off a suitcase full of clothes to his room after I help him with his laundry.

 I have a qualm feeling, but I agree that any way we are taking a uber so it should not be so bad. The clouds keep getting heavier and darker, and I feel it might have been bad idea, that we did not take an umbrella with us. We go to his room and leave his luggage and spend some time over there. When we decide to leave his room my son call’s for uber and for some reason it takes more than 10 minutes, so he decides to go ahead and cancel it saying we will walk and the house is just 15 minutes away.

 I am with a qualm feeling and having no choice and seeing heavy cloud’s, I decide to walk with him. We come to the main intersection and we have to wait for the traffic light to change before we could cross and I am telling my son, it’s definitely going to rain, you should have listened  to me, I could have gone back up to the house and got the umbrella, but he with his usual smile says mom so what if  we get wet, I wait for the traffic signal  with a qualm feeling to change from red and the walking signal to come on so I could cross and walk as fast  as possible.

  Then as soon the signal changes and we walk across the road, sky open’s up and it starts to pour down, I look at my son as say, I should not of have listen to you and now I don’t have an umbrella, smiling my son offer’s his leather jacket and we are running in the rain as fast as possible until we see Marta station, and we get to take shelter from the rain for few minutes and finally we reach home wet. First I was not happy to get wet, but eventually, it was fun.

Did any of you have such a situation and if so do share your memory,  would it not be fun to revisit such memory.